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Back Cracking Experience

I was born with mild scoliosis, so a lot of times - I get muscle knots, I have the condition fibromyalgia too and at the same time Raynaud’s phenomenon which slows down blood flow so I get muscle pain a lot more severe than others.

One day, I was telling my older brother about my back and he told me about this new place in henrys hotel called “Cebu Chiropractor” at Henry’s Hotel near Maria Luisa Village, paseo Saturnino, cebu.

When we arrived, we felt really nice since the staff were very polite considering that we were running a bit late.

We were asked first to sign documents while waiting for the doctor since she was still handling a few clients.

My twin sister was really nervous so she was up first.

The sessions went by quite fast and my body cracked really loud (especially by the neck) a must do if you have incessant back pain and bad posture!

Rap finally looked his height (6ft) after his session!

Thank you Cebu Chiropractor!


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