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SPArty at Afternoon Tea Spa

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Being someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia, it’s very difficult for me to find someone who can massage me well without bruising.

Ironically shield someone important got hospitalized, I found Afternoon Tea Spa and remembered my brother mentioning it.

To be honest I have been trying out their services for a while and it never disappoints.

Especially their Hot Stone Massage!

So on our birthday we were called and Sir Jerry invited us over for a #JasAndJenSPArty #TwinTalkSPArty 😍

They welcomed us with smiles and we felt so welcome!

They prepared food, champagne and the ambiance was so beautiful. Everything they offer for their Bridal Shower/Party Package.

I got the Chocolate Foot Spa and they indeed used pure chocolate. Never thought chocolate would feel so good on my skin and it really did make my leg feel so much softer! My twin sister got the volcanic treatment and it felt tingly but made her baby extra smooth.

We got the hot stone massage after while the guys, our brother and cousin got a full body massage and they felt really great!

In my honest opinion it’s one of the best places to celebrate parties considering that the place is beautiful and they have a wonderful selection of PREMIUM TEA! They use really great products too including human nature!

The experience was AMAZING!!!

It’s located inside Chonghua Mandaue and for those who are sick or visiting someone sick (God forbid) they offer room service!

Visit them today - AFTERNOON TEA SPA!

Feel the London vibe and feel so much better after!

Here are some more photos:


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