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Valentine's Day 2019

Valentines Day for us isn’t typical. We’re business people and have multiple companies and we decided to open a floral shop besides a luxury balloon centre. So this Valentines 2019 we were quite busy. 48 hours of no sleep and more for Rap, Jen and Kirby. I took a power nap and got back to work after.

Despite being busy, Rap made me a beautiful boxed flower full of Ecuadorian roses and Kirb got jen a cylindrical box as well. Wonderful boys indeed and great brothers at that.

After doing a number of bouquets we went to our pop up booth and sold and worked.

Watching Beauty and Beyond and the other companies through the cloud. We had a great time.

After everything we decided to go on a double date with the twins and the chinks. It was great!

We spent Valentine’s Day at The Weekend at the Greenery. I love the choice of their menu with the matching drinks.

Overall the day was great!!

Till next time



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