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Visited all the Universal Studios Theme Parks Around the World

As mentioned in my previous post about visiting all Disney parks around the world , we were very lucky to have parents who made us experience traveling at an early age. Which is why, when we were only seven (7) years old, we got to meet Mickey Mouse and everyone!

So talking about Universal Studios, there are 4 Universal Studios all over the World.

1. Florida, USA, Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which opened 2014)

2. Islands of Adventure, Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which opened 2010)

2. California, USA and Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which opened 2012)

3. Osaka, Japan and Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which opened 2014)

4. Singapore

Unfortunately, back then, we didn't have digital cameras, and most photos were taken through film, so hopefully I can find some more photos. But yes, the first time we went to Universal Studios Florida and California was when we were only 7 years old.

Years later we went back to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure with our cousins and here are some photos. Wizarding World of Harry Potter just opened then so it was pretty fun and it was different!

Fast forward, we then went to Universal Studios Singapore, it was pretty small and you can finish it in a day, with fast track even faster

Here's a photo of Universal Studios California during the Halloween Horror Nights:

Here's some photos of Universal Studios Japan and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Comparing Universal Studios Japan to Universal Studios Florida, size wise, it was both really big. The only problem really is that USJ spoke in Japanese, so it's hard to understand.. especially if you've been to the US Universal Studios chain.

Each Universal Studios has its own trait. But nonetheless they all have its similarities.

For adventure and high speed ride seekers, go to Islands of Adventure! Nonetheless I'm glad I was able to visit all Universal Studios around the world as well with my family!


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