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HAPPY BEACH CEBU - The Happiest Place in the Philippines

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

THE HAPPIEST and MOST Instagramable Getaway is finally in the Philippines and us Cebuanos are lucky enough that it is in our city - CEBU!!! Specifically Mactan, Cebu :D

Jen and I were privileged enough to be invited to visit #HAPPYBEACHPH prior to its grand opening. So we were very excited and we took a lot of photos and even made our own video to make everyone excited for the next INSTAGRAM SUMMER CAPITAL OF CEBU!

Here's some information about the best place to be THIS SUMMER!


From the makers of Inflatable Island, and the team that brought you the iconic “Pink Bali Lounge” and the world famous “Unicorn Island" comes “The Happy Beach” boutique resort located in Mactan, Cebu aka your new permanent address this coming summer!

This 16-room boutique resort will be adorned by the "Pink Bali Beach”, the happiest floating playground in Asia, the newest installation called the “Happy Jungle Lounge” hailed to be the next instagram paradise, the blue waters of Mactan island, and more pink than you can ever imagine.

The Happy Jungle Lounge is the home of the rainbow trees and the dreamy pink pool.

Reserve one of the daybeds in this “rainbow jungle”.

(Insider tip: Make sure to book in advance as pool capacity is limited only to hotel guests and Happy Jungle loungers). 

In addition to the new floating playground, they have also upgraded our Floating Zoo with new“Animal Cabanas that can host up to 6 people at once! Talk about the ultimate chill spot!

Staying at the hotel gives you the ultimate perks! It gives you free access to beach attractions and the pink pool the moment you arrive and automatically gives dicounts on Happy Jungle daybeds and Inflatable Island play passes.

Where is it located?

Happy Beach is located in east TAMBULI RESORT. Click the link to access google maps.

It is only 25-35 minutes away from the airport. You can take a car/grab or taxi to ANGASIL PORT, then ride the HAPPY BOATS to Happy Beach Cebu

How do we get there?

Guests can take a Car/Taxi/Grab to ANGASIL PORT

How much would it cost me?



From Cebu City, Commute

From SM City Cebu terminal, take a van going to Gaisano Island Mall Pusok Lapu-Lapu for only P25 (one way). From there you can take a multicab going to Maribago. From Maribago, go down Buyong Road and the cost would be approximately P20.

From SM City Cebu through Private Vehicles/Taxi/GRAB

Taking a GRAB from SM City Cebu to Angasil would cost around P446, A taxi cab can take around P350-500 depending on the amount of traffic at that time

From Mactan Airport through Private Vehicles/Taxi/GRAB

Taking a GRAB from Mactan International Airport to Angasil would cost around P225, A taxi cab can take around P150-P350 depending on the amount of traffic at that time

*Best to go as a group so that fare prices would be cheaper, it would be best to book a van too!


Once you get to ANGASIL you can take the HAPPY BOAT which would cost P50 roundtrip per person.


The BEACH Pass - P699

This gives you whole day access to:

-Mactan Beach

-Bali Lounge

-Animal Cabanas

-Floating Zoo

-Happy Jungle

**The Beach Pass DOES NOT include Inflatable Island play passes and DOES NOT give access to the Pink Pool. You need to purchase this on top of the Beach Pass.

Here are the Inflatable Island Play Passes to you can choose from:

SPRINKLE - online price P299, walk in rate P399

1 hour pass

SPLASH - online price P399, walk in rate P499

2 hour pass

SPRAY - online price P699, walk in rate P799

Half Day Pass

SOAKED - online price P1,299, walk in rate P1,499

Whole Day Pass + Lunch Feast,

With the Inflatable Island Play passes you get access to:

-Mactan Beach

-Bali Lounge

-Animal Cabanas

-Floating Zoo

-Happy Jungle


Inflatable Island

-The Big One

-Wrecking Ball

-Happy Swing

-Leap of Faith

-Giant Tarzan Swing and Slide

-Wobbly Bridge

Unicorn Island

-Climby the Sea Unicorn

-The Wavy Dinosaur

-Mini Jump and Fly

-Rainbow Walk

-Slippery Slope

-Baba's Super Slide

Here's a infographic presentation from their official website:


Other than the beach pass and timed inflatable day pass, Happy Beach also has other options for your stay.

Photos taken from HappyBeach press kit


The Happy Room accommodates around six (6) pax


-1 Queen Bed and 1 Twin (50sqm)

-Airconditioning System








-Access to Beach

-10% off Beach Attractions

DAY BED Passes - add on P1,500

On top of the P699 beach pass, you can add P1500 to get a daybed reservation that is good for four (4) pax. It is available daily from 8am onwards.

Day Bed Passes inclusions:

- Whole day access to The Pink Pool

- Two (2) towel rental

-Tampipi Feast


Given that you purchase the starting offers and If you book online

Transportation P300

Beach Pass P699

Inflatable Pass - P299


P1,298 TOTAL PER PERSON estimate

What are the Major Attractions to expect?

Happy Jungle

Bali Lounge

Pink Pool

Happy Boat

Photo from

Yellow Instagram-able Wall

Photo from

Floating Zoo

Animal Cabanas

Photo from

Extremely Cute Gift Shop

Flamingo Themed Restaurant

Inflatable Island

Unicorn Island


All in all, our experience was really fun.

The moment you get to Angasil port, the staff were so friendly and they would not miss to greet you "HAVE A HAPPY DAY." Which for me is important, because the experience would not be as great without the people involved.

Also, once the boat lands at Happy Beach, they give cute headwear that matches the place and they give welcome drinks too! Super accommodating!


The food was good, I can't help but remember the Hainanese Chicken they offered. Everything was delicious, so yes the dining experience was memorable. Great job Happy Beach!

Souvenir/Gift Shop

One of our favorite spots ever. My cousin TonTon actually told us it was SO US. And yes, I'd have to agree, everything was SO CUTE and it was so perfect. To be honest it felt INSTAGRAM PERFECT!

One of the MUST VISITS on the island! and their Souvenirs are extremely cute!!!!


Overall, the experience was memorable and it was indeed instagram worthy.

Truly a great place to be this Summer 2018, or even during the Holidays.

They stick true to its expectations of being the Next Instagram Capital of Cebu, because everything indeed was instagram-able.

We will be seeing you again soon #HappyBeachPH <3

Here are photos from the day:

More aerial photos I took with my drone of Happy Beach:

Book Online today! Rooms and tickets are selling out fast! Price starts at P699

Till next time!


Here's the video we made from our short trip:


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