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The BEST Wearable Air Purifier this 2020

Growing up and learning about having an auto immune condition. I'm very careful with what I do in life. For instance I can't go out often since I'm scared of pollution. I have tons of allergies and I get allergic rhinitis attacks once in a while. Believe it or not, for the past 2 weeks, things have changed and that's cause of the #DRKLEEN #WEARABLEAIRPURIFIER

DrKleen is better than any other because it is a 3 in 1 air purifier that can act as a mini home air purifier and has a clip on for cars too. It's a whole different level of versatility.

DrKleen AirBuddy Posh Benefits:

#DRKLEEN is proud to present one of the newest patented wearable air purifier designs for 2020 and one of the BEST of its kind. Features: ✅Stand/Clip Holder for Car. ✅Can be used as a mini air purifier for homes and turned on while charging

✅Can run up to 15 hours wireless based on my experience

Manufactured by one of the TOP companies being in the air purifying industry for more than 10 years. Check out this state of the art design Emitting 5,000,000 negative ions/cm3. Create a protective sphere around you today with style! Breathe Fresh. Breath KLEEN with style with DrKleen 24/7 wearable Air Purifier Air Buddy POSH for more than 12 hours!

The Air Buddy Posh emits 5,000,000/cm3 negative ions which effectively clears out and filters out pollutants - creating a protective sphere around you.

DrKLEEN 24/7 Air Purifier POSH Working hours straight: 10-12 hours Negative ions emitted: 5,000,00/cm3 Colors available: Black, Pink and White Protective sphere: 1meter Breathe KLEEN. Stay KLEEN Today! Colours available: Black, White, Pink



Negative Ions vs Positive Ions Negative Ions or Anions (oxygen atoms with negatively charged electrons) are great for the body. While Positive Ions (atoms that have lost one or more electrons) are not. Negative Ions highest concentration can be found in natural clean air. Imagine a forest? It is full of negative ions, otherwise called “anions”. Which is why breathing air in the forest is more refreshing.

DrKleen’s 24/7 Air Purifying Technology Releases negative ions that purifies air. In busy cities, pollutants, allergens are present (positive ions). DrKleen’s 24/7 Air Purifying Technology captures the positive ions and creates a 1 meter sphere surrounding you - allowing you to breathe pure fresh air. How does DrKleen 24/7 Air Purifying Technology Work? ➕IONIZATION DrKleen 24/7 Air Purifying Technology Releases millions negative ions that purifies air. ➕CAPTURING AND NEUTRALIZING DrKleen 24/7 Air Purifying Technology captures positive ions by releasing negative ions. Once negative ions are released, it attracts and binds pollutants, pm2.5 and charge neutralization occurs. ➕LANDING Once air pollutants are gathered and clustered, it falls on the ground it sticks on surfaces allowing you to breathe fresh clean air. ❗️NO FILTER.NO CONSUMABLES! Get your DrKleen Air Purifier Air Buddy today! Air Buddy Models: 🌟Air Buddy Pro By @avichephilippines -8,000,000 neg ions/cm3 -wireless running time: 35-40 hours 🌟Air Buddy V2 By DrKLEEN -8,000,000 neg ions/cm3 -wireless running time: 24-30 hours 🌟Air Buddy POSH By DrKLEEN -5,000,000 neg ions/cm3 -wireless running time: 10-15 hours -3 in 1 model that can act as a mini home purifier and car purifier through its accessory

❗️How do you know it’s working? When you put the negative ion generation near your lips you feel a tingling sensation this is because it released millions of negative ions /cm3

Since obviously a lot would be skeptical, I admire DrKleentech as they did their own smoke test video for their wearable air purifiers

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