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SUNNIES FACE is Finally in CEBU!

SUNNIES FACE IS FINALLY IN CEBU and when we found out through instagram and got the invite, my twin sister Jen was ready to shop her heart away! Jen's skin has been extremely sensitive, which is why she can't use a lot of cosmetics, thankfully though, one brand she's not allergic to is SUNNIES.

So when Jen mentioned Sunnies, the first thing I actually asked her was, "Isn't that the optical shop as well?". And I was right, Sunnies group of companies is not only a line of cosmetics, but they have an optical line too, as well as food.

I have been a fan of Sunnies Studios for a while. I liked it because it is extremely affordable. I would buy shades before from Oakley, Coach, Balenciaga, Ray-Ban, and what I realized is that, I hardly use it since my head would hurt at some point, and usually it's just for instagram-purposes most of the time, especially since I hardly go out when it's extremely sunny anyway. Also, why I don't like purchasing luxury brands anymore is that, at some point I actually lost 4 ray-ban's of the same style. And that was just irritating. So, Sunnies is actually a good alternative especially since it is extremely colourful, affordable, cute, and there are A LOT OF CHOICES.

For the optical line, I have yet to try it, but the glasses look pretty cute too.

So, back to the topic - What is SUNNIES FACE?

Got these excerpts from their official website.


Sunnies Face started as as a DREAM PROJECT. It started by answering a frequently asked question—“what lipstick is she wearing?”

Creating new things and playing with colour is what we do best at Sunnies Studios and we wanted to make that come alive with our makeup line.

It’s everything we love about beauty that we think you’d love, too.

To Summarize everything:

*luxury brand formulas


*the most flattering colors

*animal cruelty-free


So today - March 1, 2019, we entered SM City Cebu joyfully, I remember asking Jen where Sunnies was and she was like oh it's beside Sunnies Specs. I honestly did not know it was that gigantic.

I love the design of the store, it was very clean, minimalist and even though the variety of their products isn't massive, they made it seem like the store was full. The way the products were displayed was pretty much beautiful to look at. It makes you want to SHOP.

So since it's the grand opening day, we were actually given care packages and a coupon that will be raffled off somehow. There were a bunch of activities we were asked to do, and when we complete the task, we would be getting freebies.

The coupon had four (4) tasks:

1. Sunnies Studio - Snap and Share a Mirror Selfie

2. Sunnies Specs Optical - Post a Flatlay

3. Sunnies Face - Swatch FLUFFMATE and Share online

4. Cup Point - Get a Free Milkshake

So after getting out loot bag we started doing the tasks.

And we had to remember that we would have to tag and hashtag:

@sunniesstudio @sunniesspecs @sunniesface

So our first task was to snap and share a mirror selfie. The blouse I wore was a bit loose, I really need to buy smaller clothes!!!

The second task was to do a flat lay. After we did this, we were given our own Sunnies Specs! I chose a red coloured one.

Our next task was to swatch #FLUFFMATE.

So what is FLUFFMATE?

Fluffmate is a pigmented matte lipstick produced buy Sunnies Face.

I would say its hypoallergenic since my sister is allergic to almost everything and she seems to be loving the product so much. Currently Fluffmate, has 9 colours.

To be honest, this product is the main reason my sister was extremely excited to prepare so early in the morning and made sure I would prepare early too.

She has been having the most difficult time finding great hypoallergenic lipstick that is long lasting and she found them on - SUNNIES.

Here are the colours available:


1. Baked - Orange Hue

2. Milkshake - Natural Pink

3. Major - Red

4. 143 - Mauve Hue

5. Girl Crush - Natural Looking

6. Nudist - Nude

7. Vacay - Bright and a bit Orange

8. Hot Sauce - Red, hence the name

9. Mood - Violet

These lipsticks are not only long lasting ,but it is extremely AFFORDABLE as well.

Here's the swatch test I did. It looks extremely vibrant on the skin - I LOVE IT!

Of course Sunnies Face is not only known for their lippies. They have other products as well. Jen even got some highlighter especially since it looks fabulous on the skin. No need for other cosmetics from out of town, the SUNNIES highlighters look great on the skin!

We were both loving the store design, from the colour scheme to the clean look.

So for the last task, all we needed to do was go to Cup Point within the store and get our milkshake, and wow was the milk shake delicious!

We ate popcorn and had our milk shake on the cute table set up. The place is EXTREMELY instagram-able, the colour scheme, the set up, the food. The founders = Brilliant. Especially since they would be targeting all classes and all ages as well. I saw young girls and older women in the store and on the line outside, incredible.

Right after we finished our card, I met Dave (Dodong Dave) and helped him with his tasks especially since it's quite girly while Jen talked with Kryz and Jackie.

It was a fun morning indeed.

Thank you so much Ate Ja and Big Seed PR for having us, and thank you SUNNIES FACE and welcome to Cebu! Excited to visit again.

Thank you so much for the freebies!

Because of the fun Jen and I had, we will be giving away SUNNIES products as well!

Please do check my facebook page, personal instagram, photography page instagram our twin talk facebook page and twintalk ph instagram, please do follow and get a chance to WIN!

Have a great day :D


*Shot most of the photos through my Sony A7R3 Camera and Sony 16-35 F/2.8 GM lens :D


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