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Sperry Relaunch in SM City Cebu

My twin sister Jen and I were invited to the re-launch of Sperry at SM Cebu Northwing.

We arrived just on time and automatically, the marketing head got introduced to everyone of us.

Before taking photos and checking Sperry's designs, Sperry's marketing head gave us a brief history of Sperry.

So here's some quick information about Sperry's brief history from idleman:

  • Founded in 1935 by keen inventor and avid sailor Paul Sperry.

  • Sperry’s shoe was picked up by the U.S. Navy in 1939 for its faultless design and high perfomance.

  • 1940 Sperry sold his company to the U.S. Rubber Co In.

  • 1979, both Sperry and Keds we’re acquired by the Stride Rite Corporation from the U.S. Rubber Company.

Right after talking about the history, we were then told about an "instagram" game. Whoever posted on instagram five photos of the following:

  • Boat Shoes

  • Sneakers

  • Casual Shoes

  • 7 Seas

  • Kids Collection

Wins a limited edition Sperry Backpack.

Fortunately I had my handy-dandy phone and took photos right away!

I asked help from Ate and she assisted me so I was able to do it fast! The shoes look beautiful by the way.

The Sperry Collection

I was able to show the marketing manager the photo and right away won another paper bag! Yay!

During the event, they discussed about their new designs, and true enough, the new designs are cute. Some even had glitters, not similar to the typical Sperry boat shoes - but still really unique.

Right after the event, they interviewed us, and we were just happy to discuss about our new shoes!

Here are some more photos from the re-launch event.

My sister leaving the store, one of the paper bags had the item we just won!

My twin sister jen exiting the store. Thanks so much Sperry!

Here are some photos Jen took of me with my A7R3:

Thanks again Sperry! We love our new shoes!

#sperryph #sonya7r3 @sperryph

Also thanks for the prize! We love it!!


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