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Salon De Rose Hairlympics Awards Night

My twin sister was invited to be the judge of Salon De Rose Hairlympics 2018. There were more contestants, but there were already finalists chosen by Manila. So her task was to rate and judge the remaining contenders.

There were three (3) categories. Avantgarde, Womens Hair and Males Hair and my twin sister had to rate them from wearability, design, style, originality and so on. I became a judge in the end too, which was pretty fun doing, so thank you #SalonDeRose for the opportunity! Here are some photos from the awards night:

Among all the contestants, he was the most memorable one, because he really made everyone entertained!

In the end, the winners were chosen, I wasn't able to take a photo of the winners, but here's a photo of who won Mermaid of the Night, Man of the Night and Lady of the Night.

It was a fun night, the food was great too, and they gave us a gift, so thank you so much SDR!

Thank you for this gift Salon De Rose!


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