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Pregnancy Progress and Staying Fit and Healthy (Month 1-6)

They say that maintaining your weight and controlling your figure throughout your pregnancy is close to impossible. To be honest, that was one of the things I was extremely concerned about.

Ever since finding out (Day1) of being pregnant, I was extremely worried about unnecessary gains especially since I'm quite small. This is why I was able to sort out some things.

  1. DOWNLOAD A FITNESS APP As an iOS user, even before getting pregnant, I was already religious on taking track on the food I take in. The app I use is myFITNESSpal. Of course you would have to check the amount of food you would need to take in for a healthy pregnancy. So basically for the longest time I've been using this.


A friend of mine, from CDU named Sheik told me about her pregnancy when she found out I was pregnant. She told me "Don't listen to people when they say eat for two." Her point was actually valid when she told me post recovery would be hard if we leave our bodies and not be disciplined throughout the pregnancy. When she became pregnant years ago, I have to be honest - she was my #goals. Hopefully I'll be able to do justice for my maternity journey.

I'm quite thankful, the first couple of months in pregnancy, I was against SWEETS. As someone who is somewhat a sweet tooth (not much of an ice cream fan) but sweets in general, I hated sweets. Which is why my weight dropped to 39KG (86 lbs) when I was diagnosed with COVID19 last March I guess. Anyway, because of the anti-sweets thoughts, I was able to control my food intake by eating mostly vegetables, salad, chicken and fish.

Also I have never eaten rice in 5 years, so this probably helped me alot. Rice has a lot of sugar, but I'm also extremely allergic to it, I'm allergic to gluten, rice, agar agar and more stuff. I was able to get tested through the #FITtest or #FoodIntoleranceTest so I'm glad I was able to do that before.

Anyway, My favorite food recently to prevent ulcer due to the amount of vitamins I've been taking is the cardava banana. It is extremely low cal and it's filling. My personal assistant - the beautiful Michelle prepares it for me. It's also good for muscle spasms, which I get a lot now at night.

Besides eating healthy, as I mentioned previously, the #myfitnesspal app will be able to assist you. So eat healthy and RECORD!!!

3. DRINK A LOT OF WATER Ever since I tried losing weight and dropping to a 22 inch waistline last November, I drank a lot - and I mean A LOT of water. I started with 2.2L, but now due to pregnancy, I've increased it to 4L of water. I'm 5 feet tall, so 4L of water is enough for me, pregnancy takes up a lot of water and to prevent stretchmarks you need to HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE. I'm still praying the next 15 weeks I won't grow any marks, I'm doing my best really to hydrate and maintain daily lotions, creams and oils for this.

See what I'm carrying? I carry that with me EVERYWHERE. That's a bottle of water measuring 4L

4. WORKOUT A lot of people I know become inactive when they're pregnant, this is because of the condition they're in, of course to be able to workout you would need to get clearance from your doctor - which I did during the first few months. I walk a lot, and when I mean a lot, I try 5,000 steps a day and I try to workout at least 5 minutes a day - Youtube Exercises mostly - AB and Butt Workout. I've been doing that ever since anyway. I'm surprised now that when I check my health summary, I've been walking at least 4k steps daily. Recently I've been walking around 5-6K daily and hopefully it'll benefit me during labor day when I would need stamina and a lot of breathing.

I'm proud to say, that even at 6/7 months from a 22 inch waistline I increased to a 25/26 inch waistline.. which I have to be honest... cried a couple of times already, but at the end of the tunnel I know I can get back my old body. As long as I continue to be disciplined and prevent sweets and carbs, etc.

Also, before I got pregnant, I was able to do a #RESHAPETX session by Beauty and Beyond Philippines.

Build Muscle. Burn Fat. Do 20,000 crunches lying down in 20 minutes!

RESHAPETX reshapes the world of fat burning and muscle building through the use of high intensity focused electromagnetic energy.

What does it do?

It stimulates muscles causing muscle contractions through its high intensity energy equivalent to 20,000 crunches and squats in one single session.

What is the treatment time?

20 minute session with a recommended minimum of 4 sessions scheduled 3 days apart.

How does it feel like?

ReshapeTX feels like an intense workout.

When can I see the results?

You can see the results in as early as your first session and it will gradually improve for the next few weeks. Utmost results usually seen in 4 weeks and continues to improve daily.

Your Reshaped Body can last from 6 months above and even years with maintenance and workout.

*results depend from client to client basis

I was also doing corset training prior to finding out I was pregnant, which is why I was able to make my waist smaller.

This was me March 3:

I think Beauty and Beyond + Corset Training is one of the reasons why I was able to maintain my abs until this very day.

5. COMPRESSION WEAR When I found out I was pregnant, to be honest I was extremely worried about the "whats to come" since people kept telling me "eat for two", "I gained 60lbs", and all that jazz. So a friend of mine who I met 10 years ago at CDU, she was a CI there and introduced to me by Ate Kat, messaged me and told me about her pregnancy and how she prevented stretchmarks. She did this by wearing "Compression Wear". I bought mine when I was 3 months pregnant from Amazon JP and then sent it through BuyandShip.PH thankfully, amazon has that Japanese address option. I only started wearing it now as I'm turning 7 months pregnant. Ate Agnes however told me she started wearing it at 4 months, I wore it only just recently since it's smallest size still ran big on me.

Compression Garments and a Pelvic Support Band from Japan

A good friend of mine, also from CDU - Doc Geona also told me about wearing maternity leggings, I've only worn in recently, and I was about to order some from Amazon, but then I saw that someone from the City was selling brand new ones from the US. I was lucky enough to buy one! An alternate wear if my Japanese compression garments are washed.

Blanqi Maternity Wear

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