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Davies Candyland COLORGRAM

Last November 14, 2018. My twin sister Jen and I were invited to the "CANDYLAND" themed COLORGRAM exhibit by Davies at SM City Cebu.

There are more than five (5) different areas to take photos. It literally looks like a scene from "Candy Crush" with a hint of Willy Wonka.

True to its name, it really looked like a "colourful" and "instagram-able" scene you can take selfies with your ootd and with your friends, family and "beloved". Davies was able to offer Cebu an eye-catching scene filled with bright and bold colours, not something Cebuanos can see everyday.

Any age can enjoy this cute paint park and perhaps it can be a game changer as well since "Colours" are very well known to change a person's mood.

Did you know that colors was used in Ancient times as a form of therapy?

The Cologram Paint Park has no entrance fee and the exhibit runs only until November 30, 2018. So visit SM City Cebu (North Wing) and take some instagram-able photos today!

Share your experience and use the official hashtag #DaviesColorsSMCityCebu

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