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Calbayog, Samar - the underrated GEM of the PHILIPPINES

Last February 19-21 I decided to go on a quick trip to Calbayog, where my fathers family originated from.

For my 2 day itinerary I had two things in mind

Tarangban Falls - the most well known falls in Calbayog and looking at the pictures I found its stance to be so powerful and I had some plans for a photoshoot Biri Island - now I saw my godmother post about it a few days prior and oddly enough that same day Jen comes running saying we should go to this place called Biri. Again without hesitation and thinking I just told my uncle that we should go. I told him I read online that it was a 4 hour trip, he laughed and he said that it wasn’t

So anyway this is how random the trip is. I booked the tickets a week before the trip, and I booked the hotel the same time too - Ciriaco Hotel.

Why Ciriaco Hotel?

It’s facing a very famous Calbayog beach and it has such a beautiful horizon, perfect for my purpose there - a photography getaway.

So going back to my story,

I’ve been to Calbayog a couple of times, but when I visited for leisure - I guess I didn’t have any expectations. Thankfully I was with Ate Rose, Jen and my dads right and rode in the plane with my uncle, John and the EMS team.


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