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Billion, we will always love you.

Years ago,

When my twin sister need a friend

I drove so far which was rare, from end to end

We picked you up, you small little thing

joy, love and memories you gave.. we never thought you’d bring.

An angel as small and as tiny as you

You’ve given my dear twin sister before I wed

Security and love before she would head to bed.

And finally that smile you incessantly made, never refused to frown and make anyone feel sad

You’d make anyone’s day happy even if it started bad

You’ve crossed now that bridge we’d never thought you’d go

Who would’ve thought

Who would’ve thought you would be taken with one glimpse and one look

That’s really what all it took

For the memories and love you’ve left with us

You’ve given nothing but hope love and memories for everyone here on end

Thank you Billion, you will forever me remembered, you were a wonderful friend

I love you so much Billion.

I love you so much.

Ramsey my baby pom also wrote a poem for you Bill... he will always love you.. forever:

From the moment I met you

I knew that I found a friend, a confidant, a love that’s true

Inseparable we were

Love - you were her

I grew up quick, as fast as I could and became even bigger than you

We got married even and made our dreams come true

You were beautiful that’s why I’d always glance

Whenever I could, I would whenever I get the chance

We even had a photoshoot to showcase our love

I thank God in heaven from up above

Your smile and that beautiful Face i would always caress

How can one forget you, I would never not love you any less

I will always remember that 9/9/19 day

Your mom, my mom were taking you away

I wouldn’t move from the door for a long while

I felt something was wrong... would you be away for a few miles?

And then my heart struck like a needle pricking straight on end

My love Billion, I will never forget your beautiful scent

Up until the day you lay in a bed full of roses I see your beautiful face

Never will I forget you. Never will I love anyone else...

No matter what anyone else says.

My best friend, the love of my life Billion. I will always, always love you.



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