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A new SUMMER getaway in Cebu for the whole family- ANJO WORLD

Ever since we were 4 years old, Jen and I travel all over the world. Every time we go to a new place, for some reason we always end up getting excited when it comes to theme parks. The first time we found out about Enchanted Kingdom, to be honest we were a bit hesitant since we were already exposed to the Disney Parks and Universal Studio parks, but when we went there we were actually quite amazed that the Philippines tried its best too, it was indeed good. So we checked out Star City soon after and we were quite entertained with their "Snow Park"

So when we found out a legit "world class theme park" was opening in Cebu we were quite excited especially since part of the team that produced Star City in Manila was one of the partners of "ANJO WORLD", so which means that we would be having a snow based park as well. I mean we were this excited, Jen and I even purchased real estate nearby! Imagine that? haha!

So why is it called ANJO World?

Apparently the theme they're trying to attack is the TOURIST SPOTS ALL OVER THE WORLD, which is why they have the following sculptures/images:

1. Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco

2. Statue of Liberty of New York

3. London Taxi

They're going to have more including an egyptian themed area and more!

So when we were asked to go there to shoot for a segment on #RatedK, we were really quite excited.

Our first stop the moment we arrived was of course SNOW WORLD. It was quite hot yesterday (Feb 27 2019) which is why we decided to try it out first.

Things I was happy about




Imagine? They had a Sto. Nino Ice sculpture!!! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Right after cooling down, the hot temperature slowly faded, so we decided to ride the rides starting with the Viking which Jen was screaming her lungs out!!!

Right after that, I guess "thrill seekers" as we are... we ended up trying - ALL THE RIDES!!!

From gentle rides which are family friendly, to thrill rides.

I wanted to faint after Octopus, I started getting acid on my stomach because I was so dizzy

So far 9 are operational, 3 more are coming in this March-April, which includes a Coaster.


For Kids

1. Great Carousel

2. Space Ship

3. Mr. Toad

4. Viking

Thrill Rides

5. Hip Hop

6. Octopus

7. The Drop

For Everyone

8. Tea Cup

9. London Taxi

Here I am getting on a Space Ship. It was such a fun ride, it goes up so fast when you click "Lift:. This can fit both Jen and I too!

Right after all the rides, we cooled down with some Ice Cream from EVEREST, a local brand and the founders have a great story too. They were OFW's and now they've expanded immensely! Try their BLUEBERRY AND MANGO! YUM!

So guys visit ANJO WORLD today!

Here are their rates from their official website!

VISIT THEM HERE Belmont One, Anjo World Theme Park, South Road Upper Calajoan Minglanilla Minglanilla, Cebu Directions📷

Contact Them Call (032) 324 8800

Excited to come back for more!!


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