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3 months Post Partum

Relaxin is officially off my system

as I crossed the 12 weeks post partum stage and I’m so glad that I’m somewhat back to my prepregnancy weight and I have even become healthier!

Through the 9 months pregnancy journey and post partum #4thtrimester, I can say that it was challenging but my daily habits made me adjust quicker. I’m so thankful I read and follow Sia Cooper’s journey and followed her advice including wearing the belly bandit girdle 2 hours after giving birth:

This was 5 days post partum:

When I was 4 months pregnant, I had to stop my quick daily 5 min ab workouts to prevent diastasic recti (separation of abs). My body’s core strengthened because of the #reshapetx (for my body) and #redefinetx (for my face, throughout the whole pregnancy I’m so glad to say it didn’t bloat) by Beauty and Beyond. Although I really did get slight diastasis recti later on in my pregnancy, I was glad I purchased and prepared a belly bandit.

So What is a belly bandit?

Belly Bandit is a famous brand from the US that can aid during and after pregnancy. I know a lot of post partum bands are available, but this is the exact band I used the last 3 months and I think it really helped. Also:

I got this excerpt from Sia Cooper’s Diary of Fit Mom

She said:

When do I start wearing my postpartum girdle? As soon as you deliver! I strapped mine on within two hours after delivering both of my babies.

How long do I wear the girdle for?

It’s best to wear the girdle for the first 8-10 weeks postpartum until the hormone Relaxin is out of your system.

Is 3 months too late to wear a postpartum girdle? Yes, usually since the hormone Relaxin is gone at this point.

Can it help heal Diastasis Recti?

YUP! It can help dramatically close the gap up some depending on the severity of your case because it acts as a binder to help hold both of your abdominal halves together, not to mention it is amazing to use while working out to prevent your abdomen from splitting further during healing.

She’s someone I looked up to really. I did everything she said and I really think it helped me during my post partum recovery.

What did I purchase?

11 weeks post partum and this is my body:

What I did

  1. Walked at least 5000 steps a day after birth, but I only started “running” on my treadmill, 8 weeks post partum

  2. Drank 4L of water daily

  3. Drank my prenatal and post natal supplements

  4. Used myfitnesspal to count what I ate

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