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2 weeks Post Partum

Exactly 2 weeks ago, I gave birth to my Baby Boy.

Super thankful that I did #reshapetx by Beauty and Beyond Philippines prior to pregnancy for an easier recovery. I still have more work to do, but here’s my current progress.

(Also #beautyandbeyond is now open for fully vaccinated clients, so book ahead!)

What I did throughout:

✅walked 5000 steps a day, or exercised at least 10 minutes through YouTube exercises (this helped my breathing too and thankfully I was able to deliver through normal delivery, thank you God, thank you Achi doc Eleanor and doc john and CHM team)

✅drank 4L water

✅did reshapetx for my abs and redefinetx for my face prior to finding out I was pregnant

✅ counted what I ate (I ate mostly greens, I refused to eat sugar because I didn’t like it)

✅ made sure my doctor approved my activities

What I’m doing now

✅drinking more than 4L cause of breastfeeding

✅walk at least 5000 steps

✅eat healthy

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