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Last day for 2020 and a lot of things happened this year. A lot were lost including my precious baby sister princess Lucky and more lives during the pandemic, our medical heroes and much more - may God bless them.

As for me, a lot of unexpected things including this whole “two lines” result. I don’t know what to feel this 2021, but as I mentioned this is a sense of duty and whatever God has in plan, we have to accept and move forward.

I pray for everyones health and well being most especially my family and those who are close to me and everyone.

I don’t know what the future holds but what I do know is God doesn’t give us events in our lives that we cannot handle and there is a reason for everything.

So today we actually got busy for POP, Beauty and Beyond and the rest of our businesses (buyag) and before I go back to work I’ll post this. I worked out today too, found a prenatal work out I can do since I can’t bike. We have dinner today with Raps family then our annual Sarmiento New Year (same as Christmas)

God bless everyone, God for letting us survive 2020 thank you.

For 2021, we don’t know what’ll come but please protect everyone I love, God bless everyone


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