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12/27/20 Time to Breathe

Had a blood test early yesterday morning.

Not knowing the real score, the anxiety of basically thinking that from 12/1-12/15 I did everything to trigger my “period” since I was of course NEGATIVE, a lot of things went to my mind. Yes it’s true I’m not a fan of kids, but if God gives it, of course we have to accept. There’s a reason for everything after all.

So today, because of the extreme stress.. I’m thankful I went out with my friends. The fact that this whole time I thought I was NOT pregnant, then all of a sudden became pregnant - did treatments prior to finding out including ReshapeTX gave me a sense of anxiety, stress.

Going back

Last December 20 we made an announcement that I was unexpectedly pregnant after 3 years of marriage. To be honest it came of as a shock:

1. I wasn’t fertile

2. I was regular

3. I’ve taken 15 pregnancy tests prior that stated I was negative.

I’ve consulted several doctors about it, all said it was impossible to change since I used different brands. I wasn’t nauseous. There was really no sign whatsoever.

So again everything this whole chapter of my life is just confusing. I’m just glad I went out with my friends. I’m glad I got to relax


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