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12/26/20 the DR who wasn’t really a sonographer and obgyn


The morning of Christmas Eve, we visited a socmed “credible”/famous doctor. We visited her the day after confirming through blood serum that I was indeed “positive”, and they just wanted to check if everything inside me was “okay”. We also randomly picked her because I DIDN’T want to go to the hospital due to FEAR of Covid and since it was a Holiday. After 2 hours of waiting in line, it was my turn and she gave me a total of 5 minutes “check up” including the TVS ultrasound. That day, I actually wrote down my sentiments on my “pregnant state” after the doctor told me that she didn’t see anything except for a complex mass. She looked confused, asked if I was bleeding, I told her No. She then checked the ultrasound handle for blood after, and then she told me to consult another doctor. To be honest - all I got from her was that she was confused.

Right after we found out the situation, we consulted numerous doctors including friends who are seniors in big hospitals. When we told them our story, they asked us the name and then when we told them the doctors name, they were shocked and told us that - that doctor apparently had a habit of misdiagnosing and apparently she is NOT a licensed sonographer and not a gynecologist, yet she does all these pregnancy exams. Apparently, she’s just an IM doctor who’s just socmedfamous and our doctor friends told us to disregard the 2 min TVS ultrasound she did.

To be honest, even if they told us to not mind the reading, I was and still is nervous, because even if we don’t really know the “real” situation, there’s a chance that I might need an operation. I’m more frantic over the operation above others, because of the “situation”this year and because I haven’t done any thorough blood panels for the last year and a half. BUT nonetheless, what I was asked to do First, was do a “betaHCG Test”.

So we did the betaHCG test last 12/24 (jumping from one hospital to another) and got results. We had another blood work done again this morning 12/26, and we found out that my betaHCG levels were NOT even enough to be “read or seen" through TVS ultrasound. So basically everything that the socmedfamousdoctor said was IMPOSSIBLE since nothing should’ve been seen. In the vernacular “taghaptaghap Lang”

So we’re back to square one. Frustrating. Draining.Confusing.

I must admit, my situation really is confusing and rare. Since we never expected any of this. Start of December, we HONESTLY just thought that I was delayed cause of stress and since I had a fever (autoimmune flare) weeks prior. We actually took 15 pregnancy tests from 12/3-18 (different brands) and they were all NEGATIVE.

THEN, last December 20, I took 3 more tests which eventually turned “two lines” positive. We even had a blood serum test done on 12/23 to make sure everything was “accurate” - and it was. Blood HCG turned positive. Which is why the doctors appointment happened 12/24 and all those exhausting things happened. Unbelievable. So now, everything is just confusing, nothing is certain.

BUT, then again it’s just too early to tell. No one really knows what’s happening inside me as of the moment and all we need to do is wait. So basically what I’m just trying to say is:

1. Don’t fully trust pregnancy tests, I took 15 and all were negative. I used multiple brands including the extremely expensive ones.

2. Things really just do happen, even things you can't explain

3. Don’t fully trust "hyped up" social media famous medfacs even if their ratings are high and they're blogged about. Always ask.

I know I’m really not one of those really into “babies” types of people. But I’m someone who believes that God gives you situations you can handle and that there's a reason for everything. Unfortunately, this whole situation caused unnecessary stress, and as someone with an auto immune condition this can actually be a flare trigger.

The socmedfamous doctor should really be careful with

what she tells her patients.



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