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12/23/20 Officially Confirmed, it’s positive


My twin sister @jelainesarmiento ‘s my biggest support. She’s so supportive she’s the one getting nauseous, sick, heightened smell and more. Which is odd - I’ve been crying daily so she’s my biggest biggest support. What she did was when we went shopping she went straight to the clinic to make sure I verify results and get the HCG test. So yes - it’s verified. It’s legit. Special thanks to my bro in law @djkirbyyu too . They’ve been my biggest supporter in my emotional state

“7 weeks”. So it’s official and I’ll be doing shoots like this to document it. Don’t scratch the tummy daw so I won’t have any stretch marks according to te Mary Rose, Mi Chelle and Gelo. Who would’ve thought. 32 weeks left pls be as quick as a Pergerine Falcon. 😒

*correction after the second TVs ultrasound on 12/28 apparently I’m just 4-5 weeks

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