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12/19-20/20: When 1 line became 2

12/20/20 I never planned on getting a second line. To be honest I’m not a fan of tots running around. Never in forever. BUT what can I do. After 25 NEGATIVE TESTS - on 12/19/20 early morning. I had a weird dream (after not being able to sleep) cause I saw a curacha under the bed.. and I had a nightmare before waking up. I saw 2 lines in a test. Anyway took the test the moment I got home.. and I saw a faded line. Heart stopped. Didn’t know what to do. I sent it to ralph (after cutting it into tiny pieces) and he said it was negative.. so I took another one.. and then there was no line. It was negative... so I was relieved to be honest. But then the next morning I took another test in the other house and yeah it was 2 lines. In my heart I knew it. Damn. This was happening. Cried. 🤬


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