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My anxiety continues and I’m glad I hangout with Jen and kirby most of the time. They told me they won’t join sinulog so I won’t stress out since they always win. I’m never good in Sinulog but I’ll try. National and our internal contests maybe I’m lucky but never in Sinulog. Anyway I joined today. Don’t know how I’ll manage considering my State, I’ll cross that bridge when the day comes but I’m thinking I’m just going to do street type just like when we were in Barcelona. For lunch today I had hot and sour Indian Chinese again.. felt weird, no appetite whatsoever so I forced sky flakes in my mouth. And then dinner I wanted oyakodon with no rice just brocolli shredded that looks like rice cause I’ve never had rice in 3 years anyway. Rap cooked it for me for dinner.. I had crushed graham yogurt as well but I still feel weird. Anyway I’ll sleep this off.

Oh and I got rap some cleats or shoes or whatever you call that. I surprised him by telling him (while he was cutting chicken) in front of my beautiful personal assistant michelle and everyone that I needed to show him something in the bathroom. Gosh you guys should’ve seen Michelle’s face she was turning pale - she thought something happened so yeah it was a bad joke but rap told them he knew I was lying so when he was chopping I just got the box out and boy was he shocked. He didn’t wanna get it according to K and D because it was too “- - - - - - - - -“ daw. Anyway I got it for him. He better make sure he gets me a great bday gift too since this is just a “I’m such a nice wife gift” lol just kidding. Anyway, I bought it together with Jen because she got Kirby some too. After we went shopping we went out hiking.. it was a light hike but it got me some endorphins. Anyway I’ll call it a night. Quite tired 💤


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