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the hunt for the golden butterfinger

When I found out weeks ago that there was something that’s growing inside me. Everyone the The reaction. I was scared. But then again I said that God wouldn’t give things that we all can’t handle. Anyway I’m pretty sure even the doctors found it odd because I never had cravings. Actually it’s my twin sister that’s been having cravings. So yesterday when we had lunch with raps family (after visit maria luisa, my other or primary home). I started feeling weird - I refused to eat korean food. So raps parents just looked at me. Mom on the other hand understood it was a pregnancy thing. I told them I would eat something later on so we would go to landers. And after lunch when we went to landers (even if we saw a couple of sour stuff). I started craving for butterfinger. This was probably because my ate from Seattle showed it to me and because it was what I ate a lot when I visited her last year. Believe it or not we couldn’t find butterfinger anywhere. We searched EVERYWHERE. No butterfinger. Anyway after doing some stories on social media thank God for technology. My cousin Andrews sent me a message and then he said he had 2 left. We picked it up and then I finally got to eat it but you know what? When I placed it on my mouth I was actually somewhat disoriented cause the taste changed. Ate ton said it was normal. But I was still confused. So yes my tastebuds are going crazy at some point I even bought chocnut and rap made all veggie tempura. And so it begins


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