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I woke up today with a painful back. Rap had to give me a massage and until now it’s still really painful. Nonetheless I did the prenat workout to sweat out negativity and get some endorphins, my guest audience was Happy. I was able to ask achidoc too, she said it’s fine. (Thank God) We had lunch today with raps parents (dad and mom and Ama) at Nonki. Food was good but couldn’t eat raw. Oh and I’ve been feeling odd since yesterday, wanted to 🤮 a lot, hence the weight drop. Around 1 am today I craved for something weird which is brownies+japanesecheese sausage (jen told me around 2pm she bought lol) I also bought something from fb marketplace it’ll arrive tomorrow though. For dinner papa and mama got the same Jap food we had for lunch LOL.

For this post I just wanna day how great it is to have 2 moms. Look at the nice gifts mama and mom got, I was really surprised they didn’t have to. But one day when I look back I just wanna remind myself how lucky I am to have them. I have the best papa and dad too of course but you know how females are they really observe. Mama got be my all time fave scent and mom got me a Sto nino pendant (rest of my necklace is from my dad etc)

Talked to ate kat today too she wants to be called mamacita hehe cute


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