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1,000,000 views for my maid of honor speech for my twin sister+her father+daughter dance with Papa

My Maid of Honor Speech/Song Number for Jennifer + Kirbys big day. Meant every single word. During my wedding our best man Michael Goho made an epic speech (even after 2 years people kept mentioning it watch it here: Best Bestman Speech ever) and I was so pressured so I hope my speech turned out okay. A few hours before my twin sister got married, I rewrote everything and made it simple after remembering our experiences together :)

As for the "special song", click the 15 minute mark for my special song number (hahahaha). I made the lyrics 3 days prior in less than 30 minutes, the funny thing is, I only practiced the day before and the props were made 2 days before! Glad we were able to touch lives!

Song lyrics:

My sister got wed Isn’t that neat Who would’ve thought her life finly be complete? Who would’ve thought that she’d find Her one true love, her evrything

Look at grand con White and gold face to ritch & Deb wow Converted this place Looking around here youd think WHEW They did everything

Let us start on the day where they first met They met through our Kuya AP You wanna know chikka? I’ve got plenty Jen don’t care No Big deal I’ll say more

Jen wanted to be where Kirby was Jen wanted him To be her guy best-friend So they then trained on those Whatdya call em – DJ Quips

Theyd see each other most everyday In nightclubs and parties, playing – dancing Spinning those black box things What’s that word again? Beattt

That’s where they talked Then they had fun In distillery ¬, Not in Mactan Then they would be Dating you see, he was Part of her world

One thing she did Is fly to Bislig Crossed Cebu Waters What did HE say To spend a day And hold hand in hand Betcha he thought Oh this girls fine And she was different from the others Shes a great woman So independent Her own she can stand

So my dear twin, hope you finally know That I’m so happy You have your answers After so many years you fin-lly Whats the word? LEARNEDDD

Today is your turn You found love Finlly wed thanks to God up above Kirb I thank thee You made her Happy For being part of her world

Special thanks to Te Kat for reading the lyrics, kuya Drew and ate Andrew as well and te Metchalyn Papa Edgar and Mama Jennifer Mitchelle, te Ashley, Venus, Panie, Helen, Joan David, Neil, Red, Kiko for being my bubble divas Te Mary Rose for the props Tito Ritchie for the graphics Uncle Gilbert of GAP for the video and audio (and the live feed) Dear Rei and ninong Jun for my gown Bernard for making sure everything is intact Tito Junnie Tampos and kuya Boy Toploc for the piano and instrumental Mommy Ramil, Te Pines and te for my make up Sancho for helping Ralph hold the emergency lyrics haha Thanks Rap for also making sure the audio was okay hahaha


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